Dmitry A Stepanenko

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The article presents novel design of non-contact rotary ultrasonic motor consisting of ring-shaped stator vibrating in in-plane flexural mode and rotor provided with blades. In contrast to other motors with similar design proposed motor relies on the use of standing ultrasonic waves. This simplifies design and electronic control of motor and becomes(More)
Objective of this work is to study possibility of application of boundary element method (BEM) for modelling of non-contact ultrasonic motor (USM). Efficiency of modelling using BEM is studied on non-contact USM with asymmetric design of rotor based on standing-wave flexural vibrations of ring-shaped stator. Modelling is implemented using open source(More)
The article presents the mathematical model allowing to investigate longitudinal and flexural vibrations of stepped flexible waveguides with transitional section without regard to various vibration modes interaction. The model uses original numerical-analytic calculations based on analytical solutions of the equation of waveguide steps vibrations and their(More)
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