Dmitry A Grishanov

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High-charge-capacity sodium-ion battery anodes made of Sb2Te3@reduced graphene oxide are reported for the first time. Uniform nano-coating of graphene oxide is carried out from common sol of peroxotellurate and peroxoantimonate under room temperature processing. Reduction by hydrazine under glycerol reflux yields Sb2Te3@reduced graphene oxide. The(More)
A peroxogermanate thin film was deposited in high yield at room temperature on graphene oxide (GO) from peroxogermanate sols. The deposition of the peroxo-precursor onto GO and the transformations to amorphous GeO2, crystalline tetragonal GeO2, and then to cubic elemental germanium were followed by electron microscopy, XRD, and XPS. All of these(More)
Peroxosolvates of 2-aminonicotinic acid (I) and lidocaine N-oxide (II) including the largest insular hydrogen peroxide clusters were isolated and their crystal structures were determined by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. An unprecedented dodecameric hydrogen peroxide insular cluster was found in I. An unusual cross-like pentameric cluster was observed in(More)
Tellurium-peroxo complexes in aqueous solutions have never been reported. In this work, ammonium peroxotellurates (NH4 )4 Te2 (μ-OO)2 (μ-O)O4 (OH)2 (1) and (NH4 )5 Te2 (μ-OO)2 (μ-O)O5 (OH)⋅1.28 H2 O⋅0.72 H2 O2 (2) were isolated from 5 % hydrogen peroxide aqueous solutions of ammonium tellurate and characterized by single-crystal and powder X-ray diffraction(More)
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