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We develop a theory of elastic waves in oriented monodomain nematic elastomers. The effect of soft elasticity, combined with the Leslie-Ericksen version of dissipation function, results in an unusual dispersion and anomalous anisotropy of shear acoustic waves. A characteristic time scale of nematic rotation determines the crossover frequency, below which(More)
  • D D Zakharov
  • 2006
A problem of the dynamic behavior of an elastic layer coupled to one or two thick elastic solids is considered. All the materials may possess a general anisotropy and the layer is assumed to be thin enough with respect to the characteristic wavelength. Introducing the asymptotic power series with respect to the thickness-over-wavelength ratio for the main(More)
The near field underneath the ultrasonic probe fluid coupled to an isotropic solid is approximated in the frequency domain by a closed form asymptotic solution. The approximation is based on the problem decomposition and uses the stationary phase method evaluating the response to an equivalent surface source. This results in a sum of contributions, each(More)
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