Dmitriy Ushakov

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Extracellular matrix is integral to tissue architecture and regulates many aspects of cell behavior. Fibronectin matrix assembly involves the actin cytoskeleton and the small GTPase RhoA, but downstream signaling is not understood. Here, down-regulation of either rho kinase isoform (ROCK I or -II) by small interfering RNA treatment blocked fibronectin(More)
Using bioinformatics analysis we selected microRNAs which could bind 3'-UTR-region of cytochrome P450 (CYP) genes. Three microRNA miR-21, -221, -222, their potential targets might be mRNA for CYP1A1, and two microRNA miR-143, miR-152 for CYP2B1 accordingly were selected for experimental verification. Expression level of these microRNAs in rat liver upon(More)
The Information Security Faculty of MEPhI has felt the necessity of designing educational environment for teaching information and network technologies and their security. MEPhI has already designed and implemented the Network Security Scientific and Research Laboratory. It consists of several logical segments: the Internet emulation segment, teams segments(More)
MiR-21 is the most studied cancer-promoting oncomiR, which target numerous tumor suppressor genes associated with proliferation, apoptosis, and invasion. Here we have studied the synthesis of miR-21 and quantified the mRNA and protein levels for miR-21 potential target genes, i.e., Acat1, Armcx1, and Pten, in the livers of female Wistar rats after their(More)
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