Dmitriy Lvovskiy

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Renal cell carcinomas (RCC) commonly retain wild-type but functionally inactive p53, which is repressed by an unknown dominant mechanism. To help reveal this mechanism, we screened a diverse chemical library for small molecules capable of restoring p53-dependent transactivation in RCC cells carrying a p53-responsive reporter. Among the compounds isolated(More)
We have recently reported the discovery of numerous new compounds that are selective inhibitors of all of the subtypes of the adenosine receptor family via a pharmacophore database searching and screening strategy. During the course of this work we made the unexpected discovery of a potent A(2B) receptor antagonist,(More)
Pharmacophore queries from previously known potent selective A3 antagonists were generated by Chem-X. These queries were used to search a pharmacophore database of diverse compounds (CNS-Set). In vitro assays of 186 'hits' yielded over 30 active compounds, for four adenosine receptor subtypes. This search strategy may also be applicable to the discovery of(More)
Nonpeptide compounds that mimic bioactive peptides are desirable for a number of clinical indications. We report a new practical method for the design of scaffolds exhibiting drug-like properties that are suitable for the display of peptide pharmacophores. The synthesis of various synthons of(More)
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