Dmitriy A Lanshakov

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First insights into the molecular programs orchestrating the progression from neural stem cells to cortical projection neurons are emerging. Loss of the transcriptional regulator Ski has been linked to the human 1p36 deletion syndrome, which includes central nervous system defects. Here, we report critical roles for Ski in the maintenance of the neural stem(More)
The hippocampal fields of neonatal rats differ by the level of active caspase-3: dentate gyrus >CA3>CA1>CA2. In the dentate gyrus it was 70% of its maximum value in the cortex, while in CA2 it corresponded to the minimum level in the brain stem. Taking into account the role of caspase-3 in apoptosis, these differences can indicate different intensity of(More)
There is substantial evidence that the use of glucocorticoids in neonates is associated with an increased risk of neurodevelopmental disorders. However, it remains unclear how treatment with low doses of dexamethasone (DEX) may result in behavioral abnormalities without evident signs of immediate neurotoxicity in the neonatal brain. It is possible that(More)
In the developing brain, mature brain derived neurotrophic factor (mBDNF) and its precursor (proBDNF) exhibit prosurvival and proapoptotic functions, respectively. However, it is still unknown whether mBDNF or proBDNF is a major form of neurotrophin expressed in the immature brain, as well as if the level of active caspase-3 correlates with the levels of(More)
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