Dmitrii V. Kurilov

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The composition of essential oil of Artemisia lerchiana Web. plants growing in Volgograd oblast was studied. Sampling was performed from plots contrasting in climatic and soil characteristics. Essential oil was obtained by hydrodistillation. The content of essential oil in shoot biomass increased gradually during shoot formation, flower bud formation, and(More)
Experiments were carried out on 35 lambs infected with echinococcus eggs taken from canine donors, 5 lambs with echinococcosis, 5 lambs with echinococcosis + paecilomycosis, 5 lambs with coenurosis, 5 with cysticercosis ovis, 5 with alveococcosis, 5 with paecilomycosis, inoculated by the material taken from patients; and 5 healthy lambs formed a control(More)
Using transmission electronic microscopy and mass spectrometry electron-dense thylakoids of chloroplasts of Stevia rebaudiana leaves during active vegetable growth of this plant were studied in relation to the biosynthesis of diterpenoid glycosides (DGs). It was found that these compounds are absent in these thylakoids, but they contain a water-insoluble(More)
A series of dipeptide mimetics of nerve growth factor were synthesized, one of which, bis-(monosuccinyl-Lglutamyl-L-lysine) hexamethylenediamide (GK-2), constructed on the basis of the β-turn of its fourth loop, was selected for development as a potential neuroprotective drug. This study describes the first phase in the creation of a technology for(More)
Fungi of the genus Paecilomyces, a causative agent of the fungal disease paecilomycosis, have been found in the blood of productive animals (sheep, cattle, pigs, goats) that are carriers of Echinococcus larvocysts. In the Republic of Uzbekistan, the echinococcosis affection of sheep, cattle, pigs, and goats continues to remain high. Domestic fowls(More)
The authors have detected atypical paecilomycosis-associated myocarditis with impaired amino acid exchange and pain syndrome for the first time. At first, pain occurs in the chest and radiates into the axilla, to the left arm to the finger tips, by paralyzing the arm. In some patients, pain manifests itself in both arms with radiation to the belly, by(More)
The authors developed a technology for preparing a hydrocarbon extract from the medicinal raw material of Circassian walnut (Juglans regia), including its green fruits, green leaves, and fresh roots. To prepare the preparation, they obtained for the first time a new extragent called petroleum Russia that was found to contain more than hundred chemical(More)
292 The Lerche wormwood ( Artemisia lerchiana Web.) is a perennial xerophytic semishrub with a long vegetation period and a height of 10–40 cm. This species is widespread in the southeastern Russia and in the neighboring countries (Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, Crimea, Bulgaria, and Romania). Two morphotypes of this wormwood, f. erecta and f. nutans , are known;(More)
In the previous work, we synthesized a dimeric dipeptide mimetic of the 4th loop of BDNF, i.e., hexamethylenediamide bis(N-monosuccinil-L-seryl-L-lysine) (GSB-106), which has neuroprotective activity in vitro in a concentration range of 10−5–10−8 M and antidepressant activity in vivo at intraperitoneal doses of 0.1 and 1 mg/kg in rats. We studied the(More)
The data on the geological structure of the western Kamchatka were first obtained by the geologist M.F. Dvali (All-Russia Oil Research Geological Prospecting Institute) in 1932 [6]. He discovered Cretaceous beds in this area and determined the widespread volcanites as the Kinkil’skii Mys Formation. To the north of the mouth of the Palana River, he(More)