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It is shown that in a bilayer excitonic superconductor dissipative losses emerge under transmission of the current from the source to the load. These losses are proportional to the square of the interlayer tunneling amplitude and are independent of the value of the input current. The case of a quantum Hall bilayer is considered. The bilayer may work as a(More)
The possibility of realization of a superfluid state of bound electron-hole pairs (magnetoexcitons) with spatially separated components in a graphene double layer structure (two graphene layers separated by a dielectric layer) subjected by a strong perpendicular to the layers magnetic field is analyzed. We show that the superfluid state of magnetoexcitons(More)
On the ground of the Landau criterion we study the behavior of critical velocities in a superfluid two-component Bose gas. It is found that under motion of the components with different velocities the velocity of each component should not be lower than a minimum phase velocity of elementary excitations (s −). The Landau criterion yields a relation between(More)
We investigate the phonon mechanism for the orientational pinning of Wigner crystals and stripes in two-dimensional electron layers in GaAs matrices. We find the orientation of bilayer Wigner crystals on the (001), (111), (01̄1) and (311) interfaces versus the interlayer distance and determine the regions of parameters, where polydomain structures can(More)
Stationary waves in a superfluid magnetoexciton gas in ν = 1 quantum Hall bilayers are considered. The waves are induced by counterpropagating electrical currents that flow in a system with a point obstacle. It is shown that stationary waves can emerge only in imbalanced bilayers in a certain diapason of currents. It is found that the stationary wave(More)
V. D. Fil,1 D. V. Fil,2,3 Yu. A. Avramenko,1 A. L. Gaiduk,1 and W. L. Johnson4 1B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lenin av. 47, Kharkov 61103, Ukraine 2Institute for Single Crystals, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lenin av. 60, Kharkov 61001, Ukraine 3Ukrainian State Academy(More)
In this article, we study superfluid behavior of a gas of spatially indirect magnetoexcitons with reference to a system of two graphene layers embedded in a multilayer dielectric structure. The system is considered as an alternative of a double quantum well in a GaAs heterostructure. We determine a range of parameters (interlayer distance, dielectric(More)
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