Dmitrii A. Vasilenko

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1. Synaptic organization and transmission have been studied in the lateral group of short propriospinal neurones of the lumbar and cervical regions of the cat spinal cord. Special attention was paid to their role in the transmission of cortico-spinal volleys. 2. The majority of these neurones are mono- or oligosynaptically excited after pyramidal tract(More)
We examined ultrastructural modifications in cortical neurons of the frontal part of the cerebral hemispheres of rats under conditions of chronic intoxication of the animals by tert-butyl methyl ether (TBME). Everyday doses of intrastomachic introductions of TBME in the experimental groups were 0.5, 5, 50, and 500 mg/kg. Within 60 days of the experiment,(More)
Relations between the kinematic parameters of slow (non-ballistic) targeted extension movements in the elbow joint of humans and characteristics of the movement-related EMG activity in the two heads of the m. triceps brachii were analyzed. Test movements were performed under conditions of application of non-inertional external loadings directed toward(More)
This paper deals with main scientific achievements and public life of the world-renowned Ukrainian scientist Prof. Vladimir A. Bets (1834-1894), one of the founders of modern neuroanatomy. Photographs of original microscopic preparations made by V. Bets are now being published.
In 14 healthy persons, we studied movements of the forearm with its positioning on a target level. A double trapezium was used as the command trajectory (flexion in the elbow joint from the state of full extension, 0°, with positioning on the level of 50 or 60° and further flexion to the 100° angle, and a similar reverse movement). We compared (i) tracking(More)
Using a stabilographic technique and spectral analysis of stabilograms, we studied changes in the coordinates of the center of feet pressure (CFP) during upright (orthostatic) standing under conditions of a horizontal position of the support surface (SSH) and static inclinations of the latter by 8.5 deg within the sagittal plane (toes up or toes down with(More)