Dmitri Volkov

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The study was concerned with evaluation of the effect of human gastric juice (samples obtained from 157 subjects) on in vitro dimethylnitrosamine nitrosation by sodium nitrite versus gastric mucosa pathology (gastritis, polyps, ulcer, cancer), gastric juice pH and nitrate ion level. Also, the influence of gastric juice glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins(More)
The work is based upon the study of findings obtained in the examination and treatment of 27 cases of stomach stump polyposis. The fibrogastroscopy revealed polyps in all 27 patients. The target gastrobiopsy was carried out upon all the case of adenomatous polyps of the stomach stump, which permitted to find out the true character of the disease in 26 of(More)
The authors report 7000 gastroscopic investigations for various gastric lesions. In ulcerous disease with localization of ulcer in the stomach fibrogastroscopy permitted establishing the precise diagnosis in 91.18% of cases, whereas roentgenological studies - in 78.75%. Gastric polyps are also recognized rather more frequently (98.26%) while using(More)
222 electric polypectomies were performed in the course of fibrocolonoscopy carried out in 114 patients. The results of examination of 172 removed neoplasms testified to the high effectiveness of the procedure in identifying the morphological structure of colonic polyps. Due to application of endoscopic polypectomy, which is essentially a total biopsy,(More)
Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL) are an important variety of gastrointestinal tumors with increasing incidence and prevalence. Traditional management of NHL with chemotherapy is challenging and expanding evidence points to significant tumor response to radiation therapy (RT). However, there exists a wide range of radiation-related toxicities. Optimization of(More)
The paper discusses the effect of vitamins C and E and Plantaglucide on nitroso compounds yield in the course of nitrosation of amines in human gastric juice. The study group included 56 subjects. The above drugs capable of inhibiting in vitro nitrosation produced an anomalous effect in gastric juice of some subjects, i.e. potentiated nitroso compounds(More)
Primary adult hypertrophic pyloric stenosis is a rare but important cause of gastric outlet obstruction that may be misdiagnosed as idiopathic gastroparesis. Clinically, patients present with early satiety, abdominal fullness, nausea, epigastric discomfort and eructation. Permanent gastric retention of a video capsule endoscope is diagnostic in(More)
The article deals with a comparison of the results of human body nitrosating ability determination by two methods: (a) nitroso compound (NC) assay in diurnal urine after oral administration of its precursors, and (b) assay of the same in gastric juice after in vitro addition of precursors. The data for the first part of the investigation were obtained from(More)