Dmitri V Kuksenkov

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We report on measurements of the spontaneous emission factor for oxide-confined InGaAs vertical cavity surface emitting lasers. The spontaneous emission factor is determined as a function of the active layer volume from the measurement of small-signal harmonic distortion at threshold. For a 333 mm oxide aperture device we obtain spontaneous emission factor(More)
Differential carrier lifetime measurements were performed on index-guided oxide-confined vertical cavity surface emitting lasers operating at 980 nm. Lifetimes were extracted from laser impedance measurements at subthreshold currents, with device size as a parameter, using a simple small-signal model. The carrier lifetimes ranged from 21 ns at 9 mA, to(More)
We investigate transmission of 112 Gb/s PM-QPSK signals over 50 μm core diameter OM3 multimode fiber using the center launch approach. We demonstrate successful transmission of 16 DWDM channels over a distance of 635 km for a capacity-distance product of 1016 Tb/s-km. The limiting impairment appears due to mode coupling and multipath interference effects.
We have fabricated, to our knowledge, the first rectangular cross-section multicore fiber with eight cores arranged in a line. We have shown that the rectangular cross-section remains practically unchanged during the fiber-drawing process. The heterogeneous version of the proposed fiber design could be beneficial for crosstalk reduction because of the low(More)
An all-silica photonic bandgap fiber with a cladding index difference of approximately 2 % and diameter-to-pitch ratio (d/wedge) of 0.12 was fabricated and studied. To our knowledge, this is the first report on the properties of photonic bandgap fiber with such a small d/wedge. The fiber is single-mode in the fundamental bandgap. The mode field diameter in(More)
A wavelength tunable stretched-pulse mode-locked all-fiber ring laser using single polarization fiber (SPF) was demonstrated. In this laser, a segment of SPF was used simultaneously as a polarizer and a tunable filter in the laser cavity. Self-starting mode-locking with femtosecond output pulses was demonstrated. A wavelength tuning of ~20nm was achieved by(More)
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