Dmitri Sorokin

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We review the geometrical approach to the description of the dynamics of superparticles, superstrings and, in general, of super–p–branes, Dirichlet branes and the M5-brane, which is based on a generalization of the elements of surface theory to the description of the embedding of supersurfaces into target superspaces. Being manifestly supersymmetric in(More)
We propose a complete Born–Infeld–like action for a bosonic 5–brane with a worldvolume chiral field in a background of gravitational and antisymmetric gauge fields ofD = 11 supergravity. When the five–brane couples to a three–rank antisymmetric gauge field, local symmetries of the five–brane require the addition to the action of an appropriate Wess–Zumino(More)
We study the problem of instanton generated superpotentials in Calabi–Yau orientifold compactifications directly in type IIB string theory. To this end, we derive the Dirac equation on a Euclidean D3 brane in the presence of background fluxes. We propose an index which governs whether the generation of a superpotential in the effective 4d theory by D3 brane(More)
The standard eleven-dimensional supergravity action depends on a three-form gauge field and does not allow direct coupling to five-branes. Using previously developed methods, we construct a covariant eleven-dimensional supergravity action depending on a three-form and six-form gauge field in a duality-symmetric manner. This action is coupled to both the(More)
The action for the D = 10 type II Dirichlet super–p–branes, which has been obtained recently, is reconstructed in a more geometrical form involving Lorentz harmonic variables. This new (Lorentz harmonic) formulation possesses κ–symmetry in an irreducible form and is used as a basis for applying a generalized action principle that provides the superfield(More)
A generalization of the Ferber–Shirafuji formulation of superparticle mechanics is considered. The generalized model describes the dynamics of a superparticle in a superspace extended by tensorial central charge coordinates and commuting twistor–like spinor variables. The D = 4 model contains a continuous real parameter a ≥ 0 and at a = 0 reduces to the(More)
Covariant actions for the bosonic fields of D=10 IIB supergravity are constructed with the help of a single auxiliary scalar field and in a formulation with an infinite series of auxiliary (anti)–self–dual 5-form fields. The construction of a complete action for chiral N = 2 (or IIB) supergravity in ten– dimensional space–time [1] is a long standing(More)
We derive and carry out a detailed analysis of the equations of motion of the type IIB D branes in generic supergravity backgrounds with fluxes making account of the worldvolume Born–Infeld gauge field and putting a special emphasis on the structure of the Dirac equation for Dp brane fermionic modes. We present an explicit form of the worldvolume field(More)