Dmitri Nashchekin

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Pre-mRNP complexes were isolated from rat liver nuclei as 40S hnRNP particles, and actin-binding proteins were collected by DNase I affinity chromatography. The bound proteins were analyzed by 2D gel electrophoresis, and the following five hnRNP A/B-type proteins were identified by tandem mass spectrometry: DBP40/CBF-A (CArG binding factor A), a minor hnRNP(More)
The major core protein of cytoplasmic messenger ribonucleoprotein particles (p50) has been shown previously to inhibit protein synthesis in vitro and in vivo. Furthermore, p50 is highly homologous to the Y-box-binding transcription factor family of proteins, binds DNA containing the Y-box motif, and thus may have a dual function in cells as a regulator of(More)
In vertebrates free messenger ribonucleoprotein (RNP) particles and polysomes contain an abundant Y-box protein called p50 (YB-1), which regulates translation, presumably by affecting the packaging of the RNA. Here, we have identified a p50-like protein in the dipteran Chironomus tentans and studied its relation with the biogenesis of mRNA in larval(More)
We have characterized a novel mRNA-binding protein, designated hrp84, in the dipteran Chironomus tentans and identified it as a DEAD-box RNA helicase. The protein contains the typical helicase core domain, a glycine-rich C-terminal part and a putative nuclear export signal in the N terminus. The protein belongs to the Ded1 subgroup of DEAD-box helicases,(More)
The major mRNP protein of rabbit reticulocytes, p50, belonging to the family of Y-box transcription factors has been expressed in E. coli. The isolation procedure of the recombinant protein has been described. The recombinant protein is similar to the protein isolated from rabbit mRNPs in SDS-PAGE mobility and interaction with specific antibodies. Similar(More)
The major cytoplasmic mRNP protein of somatic cells, p50, is the member of the Y-box-binding transcription factor family and can control gene expression at two levels including mRNA transcription and translation. It has been demonstrated that p50 is responsible for the inactive state of mRNA within free mRNPs. In this work, we show that the Y-box-containing(More)
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