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Today a common goal in the area of email security is to provide protection from a wide variety of threats by being more predictive instead of reactive and to identify legitimate messages in addition to illegitimate messages. There has been previous work in the area of email reputation systems that can accomplish these broader goals by collecting, analyzing,(More)
Image spam poses a great threat to email communications due to high volumes, bigger bandwidth requirements, and higher processing requirements for filtering. We present a feature extraction and classification framework that operates on features that can be extracted from image files in a very fast fashion. The features considered are thoroughly analyzed(More)
— Unwanted and malicious messages dominate Email traffic and pose a great threat to the utility of email communications. Reputation systems have been getting momentum as the solution. Such systems extract Email senders behavior data based on global sending distribution, analyze them and assign a value of trust to each IP address sending email messages. We(More)
Since the birth of Internet, cyber securities have always been an area full of unsolved problems for researchers. Particularly in the age of information, every corporate and government site needs to keep their sensitive data secure from hackers or intruders. With rapid advancement in improved security measures, there always comes along a threat which forces(More)