Djone Kochanski

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Additional Information: abstract references index terms collaborative colleagues ABSTRACT Software measurement is considered important in improving the software process. However, teaching software measurement remains a challenging issue. Although, games and simulations are regarded powerful tools for learning, their learning effectiveness is not rigorously(More)
This paper describes a systematic review on the evaluation of educational games for teaching Software Engineering in Brazil. The objective of the review was to elicit which educational games are used and how their learning effects on the students are evaluated. A few games studies were founded and we observed that most part focused on software project(More)
This paper describes the development and evaluation of an initial prototype of an educational game for software measurement. The game XMED v1.0 focuses on the education of software measurement, simulating the definition and execution of a measurement program for project management in alignment with CMMI-DEV maturity level 2. In this paper, we present the(More)
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