Djenana Campara

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As news stories continue to demonstrate, ensuring adequate security and privacy in a networked "always on" world is a challenge; and while open source software can mitigate problems, it is not a panacea. This panel will bring together experts from industry and academia to debate, discuss, and offer opinions -- questions might include: What are the "costs"(More)
In a networked "always on" world, robust corporate and personal security and privacy strategies are increasingly necessary to ensure that the unintended consequences of implementations do not spin impossibly "out-of-control". How do systems and by extension their designers, implementers, owners and users balance the desire for an open world community with(More)
Software can kill. What are you doing to stay alive? Our world faces an increasingly hostile environment with challenges in complexity, technology, social engineering and clashing cultures. Failure to achieve sufficient software robustness can lead to customer dissatisfaction, financial loss, or in extreme cases -- loss of life. This panel brings together(More)
Evolution of existing large telecommunications software currently became an important issue. Efficient methods are needed to componentize existing software-identify existing components and gradually improve their boundaries and interfaces. We describe our approach to componentization, which involves precise yet high-level models of existing software.(More)
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