Djamel E Cherrak

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Retention data of polystyrene samples of narrow molecular size distribution and known average molecular mass were measured on several monolithic columns (Chromolith Performance, Merck) and one conventional packed column (Luna C18, Phenomenex) by size-exclusion chromatography. These data were used to determine the external, the internal, and the total(More)
Using single-step frontal analysis, we measured single-component and competitive adsorption isotherm data for the two enantiomers of 1-phenyl-1-propanol (PP). These experimental data were fitted to several competitive bi-Langmuir models (with 8, 6, 5 and 4 parameters) and to the competitive Langmuir model. The latter model accounted well for the behavior of(More)
Approximately optimum operating conditions needed to separate 1-phenyl-1-propanol (PP) enantiomers by simulated moving bed (SMB) were determined using the "safety margin" approach in the linear case and the "triangle theory" in the nonlinear case. Previous results showed the adsorption isotherm data to fit well to the competitive Langmuir model. This(More)
The accuracy of the method of elution by characteristic point (ECP) used to determine single component isotherms was studied numerically. Overloaded elution peaks were calculated using the equilibrium-dispersive model of nonlinear chromatography while varying the four parameters, i.e., the number of theoretical plates, the dimensionless Langmuir equilibrium(More)
The separation of the atropoisomers of 1,1'-bis(2-naphthol) was studied on CHIRIS AD1 and CHIRIS AD2, two Pirkle-type chiral stationary phases. Satisfactory selectivity was found only on CHIRIS AD2. The ternary mobile phases comprised hexane, dichloromethane and methanol. The effects of their composition and of the temperature on the retention under(More)
The properties of column beds prepared with slurries of Kromasil C8 in 12 different solvents, using the same axial compression skid, were investigated. The extent of the consolidation of the column beds, their permeabilities, and the friction shear stress of these beds against the column wall were determined, as well as the column efficiencies (for an(More)
The behavior of a packing material (Luna C18 from Phenomenex, Torrance, CA, USA) was studied during the consolidation of a column bed under axial compression stress. The kinetics of this consolidation, the permeability and efficiency of the columns obtained, and the reproducibility of these column properties were measured under different conditions. The(More)
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