Djamel Benredjem

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—This paper presents the results of a case study on software vulnerability solutions in the Linux kernel. Our major contribution is the introduction of a classification of methods used to solve vulnerabilities. Our research shows that precondition validation, error handling, and redesign are the most used methods in solving vulnerabilities in the Linux(More)
The functions standardized as part of ISO C 1999 and their addendums improved very little the security options from the previously available library. The largest flaw remained that no function asked for the buffer size of destination buffers for any function copying data into a user-supplied buffer. According to earlier research we performed, we know that(More)
The purpose behind this article is to describe the features of Ftklipse, an extendable platform for computer forensics. This document designed to provide a detailed specification for the developers of Ftklipse. Ftklipse is a thick-client solution for forensics investigation. It is designed to collect and preserve evidence, to analyze it and to report on it.(More)
We report on the software engineering design and implementation of an web- and LDAP-based secure file exchange system with bi-directional authentication of all parties involved in the process that is the user's browsers and the application server mutually authenticate, and the application and database servers authenticate using certificates, credentials,(More)
This document presents brief software specification of a secure file exchange system prototype involving mutual authentication of the users via their browser and the application server with PKI-based certificates as credentials, the use of LDAP for credential management, and authentication between the application and database servers to maintain a high(More)
The purpose of this work is to design and implement a plugin-based environment that allows to integrate forensic tools working together to support programming tasks and addition of new tools. Integration is done through GUI components. The end-system environment must have user friendly GUI, configuration capabilities, plug-in capabilities to insert/inject(More)
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