Djamel Benredjem

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This paper presents the results of a case study on software vulnerability solutions in the Linux kernel. Our major contribution is the introduction of a classification of methods used to solve vulnerabilities. Our research shows that precondition validation, error handling, and redesign are the most used methods in solving vulnerabilities in the Linux(More)
We present what we believe to be the first measurement of the spectral properties of a soft x-ray laser seeded by a high-order harmonic beam. Using an interferometric method, the spectral profile of a seeded Ni-like krypton soft x-ray laser (32.8 nm) generated by optical field ionization has been experimentally determined, and the shortest possible pulse(More)
The Maxwell-Bloch code COLAX has been upgraded to use detailed hydrodynamical and collisional-radiative simulations of a soft x-ray laser plasma with traveling-wave pumping. The seeding of short pulses of high-order harmonics of the pump laser into the x-ray laser medium has been simulated. The amplification is shown to be a dynamic, two-stage process: the(More)
The purpose of this work is to design and implement a plugin-based environment that allows to integrate forensic tools working together to support programming tasks and addition of new tools. Integration is done through GUI components. The end-system environment must have user friendly GUI, configuration capabilities, plug-in capabilities to insert/inject(More)
This document presents brief software specification of a secure file exchange system prototype involving mutual authentication of the users via their browser and the application server with PKI-based certificates as credentials, the use of LDAP for credential management, and authentication between the application and database servers to maintain a high(More)
In this work, we present collisional-radiative calculations for neonlike iron x-ray lasers. These calculations show the importance of the interaction between the x-ray laser beam and the amplifying medium, which is taken into account in the paraxial Maxwell-Bloch approach. Our calculations are in better agreement with a recent experiment (a prepulse plus(More)
We discuss the effects of particle correlations on the spectral broadening due to the radiator motion (Doppler broadening) for a Ni-like XUV laser line pumped in two different regimes (transient and quasi-steady state regimes) of collisional excitation. In a medium with gain, radiative transport effects modify the observed profile and these modifications(More)
Because germanium and silicon may be used as dopants in the ablator of ignition target, the knowledge of their opacities is crucial. We have calculated the opacity by using two approaches. The first one utilizes a detailed line calculation in which the atomic database is provided by the MCDF code. A lineshape code was then adapted to the calculation of(More)
The functions standardized as part of ISO C 1999 and their addendums improved very little the security options from the previously available library. The largest flaw remained that no function asked for the buffer size of destination buffers for any function copying data into a user-supplied buffer. According to earlier research we performed, we know that(More)