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Architecture Description Languages (ADLs) provide an abstract representation of software systems. Achieving a concrete mapping of such representation into the implementation is one of the principal aspects of MDA (Model Driven Architecture). Integration of ADLs within MDA confers to the MDA platform a higher level of abstraction and a degree of reuse of(More)
– Software product lines have known an increasing use over the last years, taking advantage from the important benefits they may bring to software development in terms of time, cost and effort. However, product line approaches remain immature owing to the fact that they still base on traditional design concepts of software engineering which are not adequate(More)
The techniques of programming and methodologies strongly evolved throughout the history of data processing with the evolution of the software systems, these systems indeed tend to become increasingly complex. Component-Based Software Development proved its interests in the control of the complexity of the conceived software, and became a critical factor in(More)
Software systems evolve over their lifetime. New requirements are involved, and bugs must be fixed. Dynamism is fundamental for designing systems which often change their structure. To update a software system, it must be stopped, patched, and restarted. This causes time periods of unavailability, which is always a problem for highly available system. This(More)
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