Djalma de Carvalho Moreira-Filho

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The relationship between surgical timing and hip fracture mortality is unknown in the context of developing countries where large delays to surgery are common. We observed that delay from fracture to hospital admission is associated with decreased survival after a hip fracture. To examine the relationship between the time interval from fracture to surgery(More)
Obesity results from an imbalance between food intake and energy expenditure, two vital functions that are tightly controlled by specialized neurons of the hypothalamus. The complex mechanisms that integrate these two functions are only beginning to be deciphered. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of two thermogenesis-inducing(More)
This study aims to analyze whether the interval from hospital admission to surgery may be used as a surrogate of the actual gap from fracture to surgery when investigating in-hospital hip fracture mortality. After analyzing 3,754 hip fracture admissions, we concluded that those intervals might be used interchangeably without misinterpretation bias. The(More)
AIMS To investigate the consequences of improvement in the workplace environment over six decades (1940-96) in asbestos miners and millers from a developing country (Brazil). METHODS A total of 3634 Brazilian workers with at least one year of exposure completed a respiratory symptoms questionnaire, chest radiography, and a spirometric evaluation. The(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to investigate whether routine medical testing before cataract surgery reduces the rate of complications during the perioperative period in adults. METHODS The study was carried out in an academic medical center in Brazil, between 10 February 2000 and 10 January 2001. The scheduled cataract operations were(More)
This study was designed to explore the physical characteristics and child care practices of child care centres as potential risk factors for respiratory infections and diarrhoea in children 3-35 mo of age. A dynamic cohort averaging 667 children from 40 child care centres in Campinas (Brazil) was followed up for 8 mo. Direct structured observations were(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the final surgical outcome in horizontal strabismus correction, measured in primary position of gaze, in two situations: 1. When surgery was performed only on the horizontal rectus muscles; and 2. When inferior or superior oblique muscle weakening procedures were simultaneously performed. METHODS Two hundred thirty cases were(More)
This study aimed to identify key risk factors and predictors of induced abortion. A cross-sectional population-based study was conducted with a representative sample of 3,002 women 15 to 49 years of age in southern Brazil, randomly assigned to answer questions on induced abortion using either the ballot-box method or the indirect questioning method.(More)
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