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—Kinect is a device introduced in November 2010 as an accessory of Xbox 360. The acquired data has different and complementary natures, combining geometry with visual attributes. For this reason, Kinect is a flexible tool that can be used in applications from several areas such as: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Human-Machine(More)
Scenes with augmented reality are used daily in all kinds of applications ranging from film, television, advertising, up scientific simulations. The main problem of building an photo-realistic augmented scene is to achieve a photo realistic result through a single rendering, without need post-production. Aiming this problem, we propose a rendering framework(More)
In this work, we introduce a method for resizing a landscape specification, i.e., a vector model containing a set of objects present in a virtual environment. Our goal is to change the landscape dimensions while keeping its overall appearance. Our method is based on the insertion and removal of objects in the specification, followed by some adjustments of(More)
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