Djalma D. Silva

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A vector permutation code (VPC) is defined as a fixed-rate vector quantizer with a codebook C[y/sub 0/] = {y/sub l/}/sub l=0//sup M=1/ consisting of all the distinct permutations of the columns of an L/spl times/n matrix y/sub 0/=(/spl mu//sub 1/,...., /spl mu//sub 1/, ................, /spl mu//sub k/,....., /spl mu//sub k/), where each L-dimensional(More)
The indirect electrochemical oxidation of phenol was studied at Ti/IrO2 and Ti/Pt-SnO2-Sb2O5 electrodes by bulk electrolysis experiments under galvanostatic control. The obtained results clearly shown that the electrode material was an important parameter for the optimization of such processes determining their mechanism and oxidation products. Different(More)
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