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In this paper the use of feedback information from a higher level of image processing to adapt the parameter of algorithm at a lover level of processing is considered. The idea behind is to achieve the robust and reliable image processing. The automatic determination of optimal threshold value in two different industrial applications: welding process and(More)
One of the key requirements of service and rehabilitation robotic systems is the robust perception of the environment. This paper presents the machine vision framework within the rehabilitation robotic system FRIEND II and a method for improving the visual perceptual capability of this system. For the reliable, autonomous performing of the "beverage(More)
It is widely accepted that alcohol metabolism passes through different mechanisms: alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) activity in stomach epithelial cells, activity of ADH in the liver, microsomal-ethanol-oxydizing system (MEOS), hepatocyte catalase activity, and nonoxydizing metabolic pathway (production of fatty acid ethylesters). Alcohol causes numerous direct(More)
In this preliminary experiment of the possibility of substituting an segment of ureter with a segment of the saphenous vein in dogs, authors are showing the histological changes on the veno-ureteric anastomosis and the normal morpho-functional condition of the kidney. The experiment was performed on two adult male dogs. In both animals, the transperitoneal(More)