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Evaluation of product design concepts is an important and critical problem, considering incomplete and imprecise information in the early stages of product design process. In order to solve this problem, grey theory, fuzzy sets and information axiom are combined in this study under the name of grey-fuzzy information axiom for solving product concept(More)
A process for the design and manufacture of 3D tactile textures with predefined affective properties was developed. Twenty four tactile textures were manufactured. Texture measures from the domain of machine vision were used to characterize the digital representations of the tactile textures. To obtain affective ratings, the textures were touched, unseen,(More)
Linguistic summarization has turned out to be an important knowledge discovery technique by providing the most relevant natural language-based sentences in a human consistent manner. While many studies on linguistic summarization have handled ordinary fuzzy sets [type-1 fuzzy set (T1FS)] for modeling words, only few of them have dealt with interval type-2(More)