Dixit Sharma

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Mobility poses many challenges to the routing protocols used in Wireless Sensor Networks. In this paper we evaluate the performance of the Collection Tree Protocol (CTP) when used in a mobile scenario. The simulation study shows that CTP performs poorly in a mobile scenario because of the frequent tree re-generation process resulting from the nodes'(More)
AIM This study reports structural modeling, molecular dynamics profiling of hypothetical proteins in Chlamydia abortus genome database. METHODOLOGY The hypothetical protein sequences were extracted from C. abortus LLG Genome Database for functional elucidation using in silico methods. RESULTS Fifty-one proteins with their roles in defense, binding and(More)
Xanthomonas translucens pv. undulosa (Xtu) causes Bacterial Leaf Streak disease in the staple food crops such as wheat and barley. The survival strategies of pathogen and host are determined by the complex interactions occurring between the host plants and the pathogenic microbes. Iron binding proteins are important in the plant–microbe interactions as they(More)
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