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BACKGROUND Kidney disease is under-documented in physician notes. The use of template-guided notes may improve physician recognition of kidney disease early in training. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study was to determine whether a computerized inpatient renal template note with clinical decision support improves resident knowledge and documentation of(More)
Ovshinsky’s pioneering work and inventions in amorphous chalcogenide semiconductor materials in the 1960s invigorated an entire field of physics. The electronic switching he first demonstrated has led to many things, including what many refer to generically as phase change technology. These Ovonic chalcogenide materials are now used in several kinds of(More)
This paper provides a starting point for thinking beyond a research–practice divide and discusses possible new conceptualizations of intervention and the role of IT research in contemporary organizational settings. ‘IT research’ denotes a conglomerate of overlapping research conducted under the headings of Information Systems, Systems Development, Critical(More)
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