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The Sambungmacan (Sm) 3 calvaria, discovered on Java in 1977, was illegally removed from Indonesia in 1998 and appeared in New York City in early 1999 at the Maxilla & Mandible, Ltd. natural history shop. Here we undertake an analysis of its phylogenetic and systematic position using geometric morphometrics and comparative morphology. The coordinates of(More)
A record of the human scalp potentials (EEG) is one of the most commonly used techniques for understanding the brain functions. While recording EEG signals, other undesired signals called artefacts get superimposed on the EEG signals. Of these, electro-oculogram generated by eye movements is found to be the most significant and common. Conventional artefact(More)
The parameters of various morphologies of ECG waveform are basic in characterizing them as normal or otherwise. The use of multiscale analysis, through biorthogonal wavelets presented in this paper, appears very promising for such a characterization. This is on account of the fact that various morphologies are excited better at different scales. From these(More)
ABSTARCT This paper envisages the optimal setting of process parameters which influences the surface roughness during the machining operation of En 41B alloy steel with cermet tool. Experiments have been carried out by using Taguchi design. The surface roughness is considered as quality characteristic while the process parameters considered are speed, feed(More)
A comprehensive method of theoretical analysis for finite Squeeze Film Damper using finite element method is presented. The modified Reynolds equation in the film is solved using the finite element discretization. A Galerkin variational method is applied for solving modified Reynolds equation to determine the pressures as well as load carrying capacities.(More)
— In the present study an efficient multi criteria decision making (MCDM) approach has been proposed for quality evaluation and performance appraisal in supplier selection. Supplier selection is a multi-criteria decision making problem influenced by multiple performance criteria.These criteria's/attributes may be both qualitative as well as quantitative(More)
Sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench) is an important biofuel crop that produces both food (grain) and biofuel (from stalk juice). The objective of this investigation was to assess the effect of different crushing treatments on juice extraction and sugar quality traits of sweet sorghum cultivars grown in different seasons. Three sweet sorghum(More)
An electrocardiogram (ECG) is a recording of electrical impulses generated by the electrical activity of the heart and is used as a diagnostic tool to analyze various heart diseases. For economical storage and fast transmission over low-bandwidth channels, ECG data need to be compressed. For the efficient compression of ECG signals, the topology(More)
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