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Deployment of multimedia applications warrants provisioning of Quality of Service (QoS) in MANET. However, limited battery power, other resource constraints and mobility of nodes make QoS provisioning difficult to achieve in MANET. This difficulty can be overcome by using a cross-layer approach for routing. In [1] Patil et al., proposed a cross-layer(More)
With the rapid development of wireless communication system, the main objective is to design of wideband, multiband and small size antenna .To obtains these requirements the fractal antenna is used. The term “fractal” came into the existence in 1975 which means non-regular and never ending pattern .They are formed by repetition of single pattern over and(More)
The first fluorescent sensor for milk fat was developed. It exhibited a magnificent, yet selective turn-on feature towards fat molecules in a complicated milk matrix by a disaggregation-induced emission mechanism. Further construction of a handy fluorescence milk fat detector provided a convenient rapid tool to measure the fat amount quantitatively. This(More)
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