Divyansh Mathur

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A simple mass spectrometric method has been developed to quantify dopant levels in heteronuclear clusters in the gas phase. The method is demonstrated with reference to quantification of the water content in supersonic beams of water-doped argon clusters. Such doped clusters have assumed much importance in the context of recently-reported doping-induced(More)
Energetic, highly-charged oxygen ions, Oq+ (q ≤ 6), are copiously produced upon laser field-induced disassembly of highly-charged water clusters, (H2O)n and (D2O)n, n ∼ 60, that are formed by seeding high-pressure helium or argon with water vapor. Arn clusters (n∼40000) formed under similar experimental conditions are found undergo disassembly in the(More)
We have experimentally probed the strong-field ionization dynamics of gas-phase linear alcohols, methanol, ethanol, and 1-propanol, by irradiating them with intense, femtosecond-duration laser pulses of 800 and 400 nm wavelength. Specifically, we make high resolution measurements of the energies of electrons that are ionized by the action of the optical(More)
Energy spectra and angular distributions have been measured of electrons that are emitted upon disassembly of Xe150000 following irradiation by intense (10-10 W cm) laser pulses whose durations are varied over the 100-2200 fs range. The cluster explosion dynamics occur in the hydrodynamic regime. Electron emission is found to be unexpectedly asymmetric and(More)
  • G . KOSOVICHEV, Jesper Schou, +20 authors C . J . WOLFSON
  • 2007
The Medium-l Program of the Michelson Doppler Imager instrument on board SOHO provides continuous observations of oscillation modes of angular degree, l, from 0 to 300. The data for the Program are partly processed on board because only about 3% of MDI observations can be transmitted continuously to the ground. The on-board data processing, the main(More)
High-resolution electron spectroscopy is used to explore the role played by molecular symmetry in determining the morphology of the energy spectra of electrons ejected when N2 and O2 are irradiated by intense laser fields. In O2, the low-energy part of the electron spectrum is curtailed due to the destructive interference brought about by the antibonding(More)
The disassembly of molecular clusters (N2)n (n=50-3000) in strong optical fields is investigated using two-dimensional time-of-flight spectrometry. Very highly charged ions are formed with a two-component energy distribution. A low-energy, isotropic component correlates with Coulomb explosion. A highenergy, anisotropic component, that results from a “charge(More)
The dissociative double ionization of D2 has been studied in a 532nm, linearlypolarized laser field with intensities in the range 10-10 W cm−2. The laserfield-induced dipole moment gives rise to a torque on D2 molecules which tends to align the D-D axis parallel to the laser polarization vector. From measurements of the dependence on polarization angle of(More)
The possibility of electron attachment to the valence 3 state of CO is examined using an ab initio bound-state multireference con guration interaction approach. The resulting resonance has 4 symmetry; the higher vibrational levels of this resonance state coincide with, or are nearly coincident with, levels of the parent a state. Collisional relaxation to(More)