Divyansh Agarwal

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In an Opportunistic Network (Oppnet), the transmission of messages between mobile devices is achieved in a store-carry-and-forward fashion since nodes store the incoming messages in their buffer and wait until a suitable next hop node is encountered that can carry the message closer to the destination. In such environment, due to the delay-tolerant nature(More)
In this paper we present a max-flow min-cut based salient object detection in 3D point cloud that results from Structure from Motion (SfM) pipeline. The SfM pipeline generates noisy point cloud due to the unwanted scenes captured along with the object in the image dataset of SfM. The background points being sparse and not meaningful, it becomes necessary to(More)
Selfie culture has emerged as a ubiquitous instrument for selfportrayal in recent years. To portray themselves differently and attractive to others, individuals may risk their life by clicking selfies in dangerous situations. Consequently, selfies have claimed 137 lives around the world since March 2014 until December 2016. In this work, we perform a(More)
Over the past couple of years, clicking and posting selfies has become a popular trend. However, since March 2014, 127 people have died and many have been injured while trying to click a selfie. Researchers have studied selfies for understanding the psychology of the authors, and understanding its effect on social media platforms. In this work, we perform a(More)
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