Divya Wilson Mathews

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BACKGROUND The phylogeny and taxonomy of cyanobacteria is currently poorly understood due to paucity of reliable markers for identification and circumscription of its major clades. RESULTS A combination of phylogenomic and protein signature based approaches was used to characterize the major clades of cyanobacteria. Phylogenetic trees were constructed for(More)
Since becoming clinically available in 2011, the use of noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to screen for fetal aneuploidy has continued to increase. However, it has been questioned whether the education of patients undergoing NIPT consistently meets informed consent standards. We sought to evaluate patients’ basic understanding of NIPT, such as conditions(More)
are caused by signs of progress early in a course of therapy. In the history of psychotherapy research , the expectancy construct emerged prematurely and without the empirical support necessary to establish its validity (Wilkins, 1973). In the absence of validating empirical evidence, subjective ex-pectancies remain interesting epiphe-nomena, rather than(More)
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