Divya Thomas

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Phosphate is usually the limiting nutrient for the formation of algal blooms in freshwater bodies, so tillage practices must minimize phosphate losses by leaching and surface run-off from cultivated land. Mineral soils usually contain 30±70% of their phosphate in organic forms, and both organic and inorganic phosphate are found in the soil solution. Some(More)
We analyzed variations in water flux rates on a large sample of meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) to quantify the effect of season on water metabolism of individuals and to examine patterns of intra- and interindividual variability. Voles were nonreproductive females maintained in outdoor enclosures where they fed on natural vegetation. They were(More)
Fluorescent PET (Photoinduced Electron Transfer) has been of particular growth in recent times. A novel PET based fluorescent sensor using unmodified CdSe quantum dots (QDs) has been developed for the trace determination of Nimesulide (NIM). The sensor is based on the selective fluorescence quenching of quantum dots by NIM in presence of other NSAIDs and is(More)
The use of nanoparticles in industry has increased spectacularly over the past few years. Additionally, nanoscale particles seem to be the cause of new professional exposure situations. Due to their size, these particles may build up within the respiratory tract and may even reach the nervous system via the nasal passages; for this reason, it is generally(More)
A fluorescent sensor based on 1,2,1ʹ,2ʹ- Tetra(methoxycarbonyl)- 3,3ʹ- bis(p-methylbenzoyl)- 7,7ʹ-bisindolizine (MBI) showing excellent selectivity towards Fe3+ ions was developed. Under optimized experimental conditions, the fluorescence intensity of 1,2,1ʹ,2ʹ- Tetramethoxycarbonyl- 3,3ʹ- bis(p-methylbenzoyl)- 7,7ʹ-bisindolizine was quenched linearly by(More)
A dynamic aerosol mass concentration measurement device has been developed for personal sampling. Its principle consists in sampling the aerosol on a filter and monitoring the change of pressure drop over time (Delta P). Ensuring that the linearity of the Delta P = f(mass of particles per unit area of filter) relationship has been well established, the(More)
The performance of two filter media used in industrial air cleaning were studied both in the initial state (new filter) and after a number of collection and pulse pressure cleaning cycles. The main difference between them is that one has anti-clogging properties and the other does not. The test aerosol is composed of alumina particles with a median(More)
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