Divya Sardana

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The need and opportunity to discover therapeutics for rare or orphan diseases are enormous. Due to limited prevalence and/or commercial potential, of the approximately 6000 orphan diseases (defined by the FDA Orphan Drug Act as <200 000 US prevalence), only a small fraction (5%) is of interest to the biopharmaceutical industry. The fact that drug(More)
CONTEXT Various markers have been proposed to evaluate endometrial receptivity, such as molecular markers and sonographic markers. Commonly used sonographic markers include endometrial thickness and pattern. A good endometrial blood flow is considered necessary for improved pregnancy outcome. AIM The aim of the present study is to evaluate the role of(More)
PhenoHM is a human-mouse comparative phenome-genome server that facilitates cross-species identification of genes associated with orthologous phenotypes (http://phenome.cchmc.org; full open access, login not required). Combining and extrapolating the knowledge about the roles of individual gene functions in the determination of phenotype across multiple(More)
Although a number of computational approaches have been developed to integrate data from multiple sources for the purpose of predicting or prioritizing candidate disease genes, relatively few of them focus on identifying or ranking drug targets. To address this deficit, we have developed an approach to specifically identify and prioritize disease and drug(More)
OBJECTIVE There is a state of hypothyroxinemia in normal pregnancy and in preeclampsia, when biochemically raised TSH occurs. Identification of changes in thyroid hormones in preeclampsia might be of help in preventing the occurrence of preeclampsia. MATERIAL AND METHODS The present study was carried out in a hundred women with preeclampsia, 100 age- and(More)
Core periphery structure is a meso-scale property of complex networks. Core periphery structures can help identify the relationships between cohesive core clusters surrounded by sparse peripheries. The knowledge about such relationships can have many practical applications in real world complex networks. For example, in a web based network between all blogs(More)
Objective: To investigate the correlation of blood flow detected by 2-Dimensional Power Doppler (2D-PD) sonography in the subendometrial-endometrial unit with the pregnancy outcome in frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) cycles. Study design: Prospective non-randomized observational study. Materials and methods: A total of 127 patients undergoing their first(More)
Prediction of a spindle's health is of critical significance in a manufacturing environment. Unexpected breakdowns in a spindles functioning can lead to high costs and production delays. Therefore, developing methods which can predict the time-to-failure of a spindle and its bearings can be of significant importance. One of the main challenges for(More)
Most of the existing Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols for ad hoc networks involve the use of a single wireless channel as the transmission medium. Throughput of a single channel MAC protocol is li-mited by the bandwidth of a single channel. Use of multiple channels helps to alleviate this problem. One of the existing methodologies towards using(More)
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