Divya Sambasivan

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In crowdsourced systems, it is often difficult to separate the highly capable "experts" from the average worker. In this paper, we study the problem of evaluating and identifying experts in the context of SeekingAlpha and StockTwits, two crowdsourced investment services that are encroaching on a space dominated for decades by large investment banks. We seek(More)
With the paradigm shift of applications from desktop to hand held devices, the number of mobile operating systems or platforms emerging, is enormous. Since each platform has its own architecture and interfaces, developing applications for multiple platforms is a tedious and daunting task for any mobile application developer. A framework for developing cross(More)
For decades, the world of financial advisors has been dominated by large investment banks such as Goldman Sachs. In recent years, user-contributed investment services such as SeekingAlpha and StockTwits have grown to millions of users. In this paper, we seek to understand the quality and impact of content on social investment platforms, by empirically(More)
We address the problem of limited Internet access and content creation in developing regions, where free access to information may be controlled for political or technological reasons. The goal is to develop a technical solution to address the accessibility, censorship, and privacy challenges that restrict OSN usage, leveraging popular OSN's such as Twitter(More)
Research Interests My research interests include Measuring and modeling of Online Social Networks (OSNs), crowdsourcing platforms , and the corresponding security and privacy issues. Most of my works are data-driven and modeling based. The goal is to make use of the data (of all kinds), and obtain intrivial and underground knowledge from the data. • Wisdom(More)
It is often difficult to separate the highly capable “experts” from the average worker in crowdsourced systems. This is especially true for challenge application domains that require extensive domain knowledge. The problem of stock analysis is one such domain, where even the highly paid, well-educated domain experts are prone to make mistakes.(More)
Research Interests My primary research interest is Security and Privacy in computer and user based systems such as Online Social Networks, Mobile Networks, Enterprise Networks and Crowdsourcing Systems. Much of my work is measurement and data driven. The goal is to uncover emerging threats through large-scale data collection, analytics and modeling. Based(More)
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