Divya Ramamoorthy

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Mechanical forces play an important role in proper embryologic development, and similarly such forces can directly impact pluripotency and differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells (mESC) in vitro. In addition, manipulation of the embryoid body (EB) microenvironment, such as by incorporation of microspheres or microparticles, can similarly influence(More)
The objective of the current study was to evaluate the methanolic root extract of Gentiana kurroo for antioxidant and antiproliferative activities as well as to study the effect of the extract on the induction of apoptosis in human pancreatic cancer cell line (MiaPaCa-2). The extract exerted significant antioxidant activity as verified by DPPH, hydroxyl(More)
The present investigation relates to the study of In vitro regeneration of Solanum melongena (Thengaithittu variety), which is an agronomically important crop grown primarily for its large oval fruit and its medicinal property. The embryo from mature seeds, cotyledon and shoot explants were inoculated on MS medium supplemented with various concentrations(More)
Effects of silver nanoparticles have been observed on Escherichia coli and its implications have been reported. INRODUCTION Nanoparticles are very small in size, highly active and have very special characteristics like high surface area to mass ratio which can greatly enhance the different capacities of material made up of it. Thus it enables to manipulate(More)
Successful cellular cardiomyoplasty is dependent on biocompatible materials that can retain the cells in the myocardium in order to promote host tissue repair following myocardial infarction. A variety of methods have been explored for incorporating a cell-seeded matrix into the heart, the most popular options being direct application of an injectable(More)
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