Divya N. Upadhyay

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In the course of our investigations of pyrimidines as antimycotic agents, we have identified a sub-class, with significant in vitro activity against mycobacteria. The salient feature of these pyrimidine derivatives (3a-o and 7a,b) is their appended aryl, heteroaryl and alkylthio substituent at position 6 and also alkylthio substituent at position 2. The(More)
Various suitably functionalized pyrimidine derivatives have been synthesized to explore their potential as antimycotic agents. Some of the synthesized compounds 4c, 4d, 8a-e have shown highly significant in vitro antifungal activity against five human pathogenic fungi.
Absence of vagina poses multitude of physical and psychosocial problems in woman's life. 10% of Mayer- Rokitansky-üster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome patients with high vaginal septum and vaginal atreisa has additional issue of draining uterine cavity. MC Indoe vaginoplasty is universally acceptable and widely practiced procedure for neocolposis reconstruction.(More)
BACKGROUND Surgical removal of the anal canal and sphincter for carcinoma results in end-stage fecal incontinence (ESFI) and requires a permanent colostomy resulting in significant impact on quality of life. Presently, there are limited options for EFSI. The successful use of pedicled antropyloric valve (APV) based on left gastroepiploic artery as an(More)
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