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Inverted Indexing is an efficient, standard data structure, most suited for search operation over an exhaustive set of data. The huge set of data is mostly unstructured and does not fit into traditional database categories. Large scale processing of such data needs a distributed framework such as Hadoop where computational resources could easily be shared(More)
Ubiquitous Search engine is a non-conventional search engine. It is built with an intended function of finding the most influential node in a network or given data set. The objective is to find centers of influence in social networks. It can be used as a tool for data mining and analyzing it further for optimum use of the user's benefit. The system is(More)
There are lot of treatments that are available for various diseases. No human can possibly know about all the medicines and the diseases. So, the problem is that there isn't any place where anyone can have the details of the diseases or the medicines. What if there is a place where you can find your health problem just by entering symptoms or just scanning(More)
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