Divya G

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AIMS/HYPOTHESIS Cyclophilin A, an immunophilin is secreted from human monocytes activated by high glucose. Given its role as an inflammatory mediator of vascular tissue damage associated with inflammation and oxidative stress, we examined plasma levels of cyclophilin A in normal healthy volunteers and patients with type 2 diabetes (DM), with or without(More)
Nowadays privileged channel is utilized by the ISPs and other websites for handling privilege services of important clients only, there by normal clients are discriminated against getting access to privilege channel service. Thus a new global movement known as " Net Neutrality " for providing an open and non-discriminating Internet is fast popularizing in(More)
— This paper proposes an effective method of energy regeneration during braking for a dc motor or internal combustion(IC) engine. During the braking period, instead of dissipating the kinetic energy in the brake shoes and poles in the form of heat, this energy is recovered using a switched reluctance generator that is mechanically coupled to the shaft of(More)
  • Niveditha P R, R Subhashini, Divya G
  • 2014
— SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS are one among the most extensively used technologies for corporeal security. In this paper, we propose an approach to figure out the bodily emotions and facial expressions of students while conducting an examination. Generally students tend to commit malpractices during exams. Irrespective of its consequences. Here we introduce hidden(More)
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