Divya D Raj

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Microglia are the prime innate immune cells of the central nervous system. They can transit from a (so-called) resting state under homeostatic conditions towards a pro-inflammatory activation state upon homeostatic disturbances. Under neurodegenerative conditions, microglia have been largely perceived as neurotoxic cells. It is now becoming clear that(More)
INTRODUCTION Microglia are tissue macrophages of the central nervous system that monitor brain homeostasis and react upon neuronal damage and stress. Aging and neurodegeneration induce a hypersensitive, pro-inflammatory phenotype, referred to as primed microglia. To determine the gene expression signature of priming, the transcriptomes of microglia in(More)
The present study describes for the first time the neural expression and distribution of UGS148, a protein encoded by the RIKEN cDNA63330403K07 gene that has been shown to be prominently and characteristically expressed in neural stem cells (NSCs). Based on its molecular structure, UGS148 is an intracellular protein expected to be involved in intracellular(More)
  • Quistes Epidermoides, Región Cabeza, Cuello, S Sunil, Neetu Oommen, R Rathy +9 others
  • 2014
cysts of head and neck region-Case series and review of literature. Int. ABSTRACT: Epidermoid and dermoid cysts are hamartomas localized on the neck, head, or trunk, usually visible at birth. In some instances, careful medical examination may help to find most epidermoid and dermoid cysts. Ambiguity about their exact pathogenesis exists and dysontogenetic,(More)
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