Divya Choudhary

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The past two decades have been rewarding in terms of deciphering the ethylene signal transduction and functional validation of the ethylene receptor and downstream genes involved in the cascade. Our knowledge of ethylene receptors and its signal transduction pathway provides us a robust platform where we can think of manipulating and regulating ethylene(More)
This paper presents results from a study that attempted to characterize the performance of RFID tags in a GHz Transverse Electromagnetic (GTEM) cell in which an approximately constant electro magnetic (EM) field potentially free of any extraneous interference was maintained. Performance of four commercially available RFID tags manufactured by different(More)
Root-knot nematodes (Meloidogyne incognita) cause substantial yield losses in vegetables worldwide, and are difficult to manage. Continuous withdrawal of environmentally-harmful nematicides from the global market warrants the need for novel nematode management strategies. Utility of host-delivered RNAi has been demonstrated in several plants (Arabidopsis,(More)
In wireless communication system, limited bandwidth and power is the primary restriction. The existing wireless systems involved in transmission of speech visualized that efficient and effective methods be developed to transmit and receive the same while maintaining quality of speech, especially at the receiving end. Speech coding technique is a material of(More)
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