Divya Anand

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We introduce Wordcraft, a new interactive tablet application that allows children to explore sentence structures and their meanings. Wordcraft uses a constructionist design: children manipulate word cards to build sentences, which come to life in a storybook-like animated world to illustrate meaning. Such visual feedback helps children play with parts of(More)
An accurate classification of neuromuscular disorders is important in providing proper treatment facilities to the patients. Recently, the microarray technology is employed to monitor the level of activity or expression of large number of genes simultaneously. The gene expression data derived from the microarray experiment usually involve a large number of(More)
Image fusion is the process of combining relevant information from two or more images into a single fused image. The resulting image will be more informative than any of the input images. The fusion in medical images is necessary for efficient diseases diagnosis from multimodality, multidimensional and multi parameter type of images. This paper describes a(More)
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