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Human responses to an interaction with a Virtual Human (VH) can be influenced by both external factors such as technologyrelated limitations, and internal factors such as individual differences in personality. While the impacts of external factors have been studied widely, and are typically controlled for in application scenarios, less attention has been(More)
In augmented reality, people can feel the illusion of virtual humans (VHs) integrated into a real (physical) space. However, affordances of the real world and virtual contents might conflict, for example, when the VHs and real objects “collide” by occupying the same space. This implausible conflict can cause a break in presence in real–virtual human(More)
Vection is the illusion of self-motion, usually induced by a visual stimulus. It is important in virtual reality because inducing it in motion simulations can lead to improved experiences. We examine linear and circular vection in commodity level head-mounted displays. We compare the experience of circular vection induced through a real world stimulus, an(More)
Plasma dry etching processes are commonly used to fabricate vertical sidewall trenches and vias for copper (Cu)/low-k dual damascene devices. Small amounts of polymer are intentionally left on the sidewalls of trenches and vias during the dry etching process in order to achieve a vertical profile and to protect the low-k materials under the etching mask.(More)
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