Divine Makia

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Dendritic cells are critically involved in the promotion and regulation of T cell responses. Here, we report a mouse strain that lacks conventional CD11c(hi) dendritic cells (cDCs) because of constitutive cell-type specific expression of a suicide gene. As expected, cDC-less mice failed to mount effective T cell responses resulting in impaired viral(More)
Coronavirus reverse genetic systems have become valuable tools for studying the molecular biology of coronavirus infections. They have been applied to the generation of recombinant coronaviruses, selectable replicon RNAs, and coronavirus-based vectors for heterologous gene expression. Here we provide a collection of protocols for the generation, cloning,(More)
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection represents one of the major health threats in the developing world. The costly treatment of infected individuals with multiple highly efficient anti-HIV drugs is only affordable in industrialized countries. Thus, an efficient vaccination strategy is required to prevent the further spread of the infection. The(More)
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