Divesh Lala

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Retinoid X receptor (RXR) plays a central role in the regulation of many intracellular receptor signalling pathways and can mediate ligand-dependent transcription, acting as a homodimer or as a heterodimer. Here we identify an antagonist towards RXR homodimers which also functions as an agonist when RXR is paired as a heterodimer to specific partners,(More)
We demonstrate dialogues with an autonomous android ERICA, who has an appearance like a human being. Currently, ERICA plays two social roles: a laboratory guide and a counselor. It is designed to follow the protocols of human dialogue to make the user comfortable: (1) having a chat before the main talk, (2) proac-tively asking questions, and (3) conveying(More)
Believability is necessary for agents to establish intimate, real-time collaborations with humans in an interactive game environment. In this paper, the authors model sophisticated interaction patterns to improve believ-ability by adapting Herbert Clark's joint activity theory. The authors use virtual basketball as an environment, where many communicative(More)
Difficulties in living in a different culture are caused by different patterns of thinking, feeling and potential actions. A good way to experience cultural immersion is to walk in a crowd. This paper proposes a simulated crowd as a novel tool for allowing people to practice culture-specific nonverbal communication behaviors. We present a conceptual(More)
For natural human-agent interaction, the recognition of important gestures to facilitate communication is necessary. Recent advances in technology have made it possible to use the human body as a means for this interaction. In this paper, we combine techniques to create a process flow which can discover and extract a body gesture, create a low-dimensional(More)