Divesh Lala

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Human beings have an ability to transition smoothly between individual and collaborative activities and to recognize these types of activity in other humans. Our long-term goal is to devise an agent which can function intelligently in an environment with frequent switching between individual and collaborative tasks. A basketball scenario is such an(More)
One barrier to creating truly intelligent autonomous virtual characters is the lack of common ground knowledge contained between the agent and its human interaction partner. Predefining this knowledge for the agent is infeasible so such agents generally can only interact within a limited task domain. This is particularly true for conversational agents, who(More)
Believability is necessary for agents to establish intimate, real-time collaborations with humans in an interactive game environment. In this paper, the authors model sophisticated interaction patterns to improve believ-ability by adapting Herbert Clark's joint activity theory. The authors use virtual basketball as an environment, where many communicative(More)