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The CNS activity of Lippia alba liquid and spray-dried extracts, containing the non-volatile fraction from the leaves, was investigated. L. alba liquid extracts were prepared by percolation with EtOH 40, 60 or 80%. The liquid extracts, named ES(40%,) ES(60%) and ES(80%,) were concentrated, the ethanol eliminated and then tested in Swiss mice to evaluate its(More)
This article describes the optimization of a peel-off facial mask formulation. An investigation was carried out on the parameters of the formulation that most affect the desirable characteristics of peel-off facial masks. Cereal alcohol had a significant effect on the drying time at concentrations of 1–12% (w/w). The applicability of the evaluated(More)
The effects of different parameters, including ethanol concentration, time of drug:solvent contact, temperature and the presence of a preservative, on chlorogenic acid (CGA) and caffeic acid (CFA) yields in Cecropia glaziovii Sneth extracts were investigated using an experimental design. In order to quantify the phenolic acids in these extracts a(More)
Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) are colloidal particles consisting of a matrix composed of solid (at room and body temperatures) lipids dispersed in aqueous emulsifier solution. During manufacture, their physicochemical properties may be affected by several formulation parameters, such as type and concentration of lipid, proportion of emulsifiers and amount(More)
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