Dirk Vande Putte

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PURPOSE Neoadjuvant chemoradiation (CRT) is increasingly used in locally advanced esophageal cancer. Some studies have suggested that CRT results in increased surgical morbidity. We assessed the influence of CRT on anastomotic complications in a cohort of patients who underwent CRT followed by Ivor Lewis esophagectomy. PATIENTS AND METHODS Clinical and(More)
AIM Monocentric retrospective paediatric study describing indications for gastrostomy and major complications, compared to literature data as part of a quality check. METHODS Records of all gastrostomy patients consulting at the UZ Ghent paediatric gastro-enterology department between January 2007-December 2009 were reviewed in December 2010 regarding(More)
Context. We perform a comprehensive spectral analysis of LS V +46 • 21 in order to compare its photospheric properties to theoretical predictions from stellar evolution theory as well as from diffusion calculations. Aims. LS V +46 • 21 is the DAO-type central star of the planetary nebula Sh 2−216. High-resolution, high-S/N ultraviolet observations obtained(More)
INTRODUCTION Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemoperfusion (HIPEC) with oxaliplatin is increasingly used in patients with carcinomatosis from colorectal cancer. For reasons of chemical stability, oxaliplatin can only be administered in a dextrose (D5%) solution, and this causes peroperative glucose and electrolyte shifts. Here, we examined the influence of(More)
Accepted yyyy mm dd. Received yyyy mm dd; in original form yyyy mm dd ABSTRACT The crossing of the Galactic disk by a Globular Cluster could produce star formation due to gravitational focussing or compression of disk material. We report on simulations of the effect on disk material which reveal that the crossing can sometimes cause local gravitational(More)
Anal canal duplication (ACD) is the least frequent digestive duplication. Symptoms are often absent but tend to increase with age. Recognition is, however, important as almost half of the patients with ACD have concomitant malformations. We present the clinical history of an eleven-year-old girl with ACD followed by a review of symptoms, diagnosis,(More)
Accepted yyyy mm dd. Received yyyy mm dd; in original form yyyy mm dd ABSTRACT So far, six mechanisms have been proposed to account for the Galactic disk heating. Of these, the most important appear to be a combination of scattering of stars by molecular clouds and by spiral arms. We study a further mechanism, namely, the repeated disk impact of the(More)
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