Dirk Thierens

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Over the last decade, a variety of evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have been proposed for solving multi–objective optimization problems. Especially more recent multi–objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) have been shown to be efficient and superior to earlier approaches. In the development of new MOEAs, the strive is to obtain increasingly better(More)
Scalable evolutionary computation has become an intensively studied research topic in recent years. The issue of scalability is predominant in any field of algorithmic design, but it became particularly relevant for the design of competent genetic algorithms once the scalability problems of simple genetic algorithms were understood. Here we present some of(More)
A key search mechanism in Evolutionary Algorithms is the mixing or juxtaposing of partial solutions present in the parent solutions. In this paper we look at the efficiency of mixing in genetic algorithms (GAs) and estimation-of-distribution algorithms (EDAs). We compute the mixing probabilities of two partial solutions and discuss the effect of the(More)
The last few years there has been an increasing amount of interest in the field of distribution estimation optimization algorithms. As more techniques are introduced, the variety in tested distribution structures increases. In this paper we analyze the implications of the form of such a structure. We show that learning the linkage relations alone and using(More)