Dirk Steckhan

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Differential blood count is a standard method in hematological laboratory diagnosis. In the course of developing a computer-assisted microscopy system for the generation of differential blood counts, the detection and segmentation of white and red blood cells forms an essential step and its exactness is a fundamental prerequisite for the effectiveness of(More)
We describe a weighted least squares based global registration method for creating virtual slides. In microscopy a large number of fields of view is required to capture a complete slide. These fields of view are aligned in such a way that a globally consistent virtual slide is formed. The positioning accuracy of the presented algorithm is evaluated using a(More)
Modern techniques for medical diagnosis and therapy make considerable use of endoscopes. Unfortunately, the wide-angle characteristic of endoscopes introduce severe aberrations such as chromatic aberration, geometric distortion or comb-structure to the images. The aberrations hinder or at worst prevent the application of fundamental image processing(More)
We describe a novel approach for creating virtual slides that incorporates the positioning accuracy of the microscope stage in the optimization step. To capture a complete slide in microscopy, a large number of fields of view have to be acquired by moving the microscope stage in a controlled way. These fields of view are aligned in such a way that a(More)
As cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide, screening programs have been established. For that task stained slides of cervical cells are visually assessed under a microscope for dysplastic or malignant cells. To support this challenge, image processing methods offer advantages for objective classification. As the cell nuclei carry a high(More)
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