Dirk Sommerfeld

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The LiverAnatomyExplorer is a real-time surgical teaching tool based on state-of-the-art Web technologies such as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), X3D (Extensible3D), and WebGL (Web Graphics Library). Unlike other medical e-learning systems, the LiverAnatomyExplorer combines traditional clinical 2D imagery with interactive Web-based 3D models derived from(More)
In order to clarify contradictory reports on the electrogenicity of sodium/L-glutamate cotransport, this cotransport was studied using brush-border membrane vesicles isolated from rabbit renal cortex. Beforehand, the claim that the symport of L-glutamate with Na+ is linked to simultaneous antiport with K+ has been confirmed by the demonstration that(More)
Thrombotic microangiopathy most likely represents a spectrum of diseases consisting of multiple etiologies that has a final common pathway of multiorgan microvascular thrombosis. The variable responses to several different modes of therapy would suggest that more than one pathogenetic mechanism is involved. Untreated, it has been associated with very high(More)
After a brief review of Na+-cotransport systems which also accept other ions as co-ions or modifiers, modulation of the Na+-L-glutamate transport system in rabbit renal brush border membranes by K+ and H+ is discussed in more detail. Intravesicular K+ increases the initial uptake rate and electrogenicity of the cotransport. This effect of K+ is attributed(More)
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