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A non-uniform signal set constellation is used in order to provide shaping gain. An approximately Gaussian distribution of the transmitter output signal is achieved by using equally likely signal points with unequal spacing. In this way it is possible to obtain shaping gain without any additional computational effort. The method is also applicable when bit(More)
Absrract-This paper presents parallel concatenated turbo codes that employ a non-uniform constellation to achieve shaping gain. The output signal approximates the Gaussian distribution by using equally likely signals with unequal spacing (a non-uniform constellation). The small distance of points near the center of the constellation may lead to a small(More)
— The system concept and data transmission experiments for a mobile broad-band communication system at 60 GHz are presented in this paper. Dense wavelength division multiplex-ing (DWDM) is advantageously applied for simultaneous elec-trooptical upconversion of all optical channels carrying individual intermediate-frequency signals by means of a single(More)
The paper presents the system design concept for a mobile broadband communications system at 60 GHz. A dense WDM system is used for the optical backbone employing novel addldrop multiplexers. For simplicity, there is no signal processing and frequency generation at the base station and a master oscillator signal are used for millimetric carrier generation.(More)
The OFDM modulation scheme is known to be very sensitive to frequency offset. Using OFDM in a 60 GHz transmission system is an extremely crucial issue, since frequency deviations of only one ppm of the oscillators are within the range of the sub-carrier spacing. In order to achieve a fast and robust frequency correction the insertion of a fractionally(More)
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